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Iron CrossVery happy to report the return to active duty of pilots Nidan and Dumbo – welcome back gentlemen!

I’ve also made several updates to the site, including new information and downloads on the Red Baron Resources page – links to graphics, wrappers and sim downloads; and I’ve also made quite a few additions to the Rise of Flight Resources page as well, including additional squadron skins, historical skins, a keyboard reference map and an excellent AI Mod.

Finally, I’ve added several important historical and sim-related links.

The site, and squad; I’m proud to report, are coming together nicely.

Pilots WingsVery happy to report the return to active duty for the following pilots:

– Amish (flying ROF)
– Fish (flying ROF)
– Flozzie (flying ROF)
– Hoss (soon to fly ROF)
– Ronin (flying RB)

S! Jupes

Red Baron 3DWell it has been almost nine years since we’ve had a website up, and it feels good to have a home once again for the squad members.

In addition to our news page, we’ve added a gallery (look for more albums in the gallery soon!), a resources section and the “Wulffe Den” forum – you are welcome to register and join in the discussions.

Come on in, kick off your boots, grab a cold one and join us.

The Lone Wulffe squadron, organized on December 28, 1998, is a virtual combat squadron consisting of a group of friends who have been flying the skies over the Western Front for well over 13 years.

Our pilots fly in either Red Baron, or more recently; Rise of Flight.